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By K. Mitcheson

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Supplying a unique interpretation of Nietzsche's philosophical approach, Nietzsche, fact and Transformation addresses the philosophical challenge of on what foundation, if wisdom is often from a viewpoint, it is easy to criticise smooth humanity and tradition, and the way such critique will be actively answered to.

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Unpacking this interpretation will challenge our values, our existing idea of what truth is, and our self-understanding. Nietzsche’s early exploration of the interpretation involved in knowledge and experience develops into what is referred to as his perspectivism. This can be understood on two levels. Firstly, Nietzsche makes the 42 Perspectivism 43 claim that our view of the world will always be an interpretation from a perspective or combination of perspectives. Thus, truth is not equated with what lies beyond perspectives, or remains after the subtraction of interpretation.

An understanding of truth as an account of how we contribute to and shape our experience requires a suitable methodology. Nietzsche’s praise of the scientific method in Human, All Too Human is the beginning but not the end point of an abiding concern for method. He contrasts the indulgences of metaphysics to the value of rigorous method to be found in the sciences. “It is the mark of a higher culture to value the little unpretentious truths which have been discovered by means of rigorous method more highly than the errors handed down by metaphysical and artistic ages and men” (HH I: 3).

How does it simply come about, that we battle the profound dishonesty – and dissemblance? A feeling of power, which in the development and activity of our intellect will be free, drives us, it creates Appetite” (KSA 9: 269). This alteration in the role of the drive to truth required the desire for a feeling of power to overcome our desire for comfort. Our drive to truth has now taken its “place as a need among other needs” such that “not only faith and conviction, but also scrutiny, denial, suspicion, and contradiction were a power” (GS 110).

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