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Likewise, should new network applications be added or altered on the network, anomaly-based IDS must again run baselines against the new “normal” network state. Even if IDS are properly maintained and updated, the security team must respond properly and quickly to security events, otherwise the IDS is useless. Network IDS must be positioned properly in the network and the network infrastructure must be appropriately configured to deliver traffic to the IDS. In most modern networks and certainly in large network environments, one IDS will not suffice.

Com/go/safe. 3) known as the Cisco Security Wheel. 3 The Cisco Security Wheel Secure Manage and Improve Security Policy Monitor and Respond Test This approach incorporates the following repetitive methodology: 1. Corporate Security Policy Instantiate a solid security policy. 2. Secure Secure all existing networks and systems. 3. Monitor and Respond Monitor the infrastructure and respond accordingly to events. 4. Test Regularly test security systems, including human response capabilities. 5. Manage and Improve Effectively manage and continually improve the security stance.

Included within the Server Module are stateful inspection firewalls and packet-filtering devices, IDS in the form of HIDS and NIDS, and VLAN-capable switches. The Management Module The Management Module exists as the command and control module for the entire SAFE blueprint. The Management Module can include the following services and capabilities: ■ AAA services such as Cisco Secure ACS for network device access control ■ SNMP-based network monitoring and control services, such as CiscoWorks ■ Syslog servers for comprehensive error and event data capture ■ Out-of-band (OOB) network access and infrastructure ■ Two-factor authentication systems such as SecurID servers ■ Device configuration management systems for revision control ■ VPN termination systems for remote, secure management In addition to these services, the Management Module is itself protected by focused Layer 4–7 IDS analysis, various traffic filtering mechanisms such as router filters and stateful inspection firewalls, and, as in other modules, VLAN-capable switches for Layer 2 separation.

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