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By Harry Chambers

ISBN-10: 1576752968

ISBN-13: 9781576752968

Most folks imagine that micromanagement happens purely in management-employee relationships, however the fact is that it occurs all over: staff micromanage managers, consumers micromanaging proprietors, board participants micromanaging corporation leaders, mom and dad micromanage little ones, governments micromanage voters, friends micromanage each other, and extra. With shoot-from-the-hip sort and lots of real-world examples, My approach or the road illustrates how micromanagement interferes with functionality and productiveness, leading to large charges - hidden, direct, and oblique - to members and corporations. In hugely functional phrases, administration professional Harry Chambers explains the artwork of facing micromanagers at a private point and the way to introduce the extra system-wide adjustments wanted for effective environments. Readers examine precious concepts for lessening the effect of micromanagers, in addition to the best way to establish and proper their very own managerial behaviors.

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Welcome the challenge b. Feel like I am being punished 19. I like to do things a. My way b. In accordance with policies and procedures 20. I typically view change as a. Gain b. Loss 21. I think others see me as a. Unpredictable b. Predictable 22. I tend to a. Discard things easily b. Be a pack rat 23. Tradition and consistency are a. Nice b. Very important to me 24. My attitude toward a lateral move would be a. Willing to consider b. Doubtful . . why move laterally? 25. When asked to do something I don’t agree with, I a.

Adversary 30. I tend to be a. Creative b. Consistent 31. People who see things differently than I do are a. Misguided b. Interesting 32. I prefer to work a. Independently b. In teams/with others 33. When others offer comments concerning my tasks, responsibilities, and performance, I a. Tolerate them b. Welcome them 34. If a task can be shared or assigned to others, I would rather a. Do it myself b. Teach others to do it 35. If you want something done right a. Do it yourself b. Invite others’ input and creativity The Scope of Micromanagement 37 36.

Few people think they are doing it. The Scope of Micromanagement ■ 25 Most people are oblivious to the negative impact their micromanagement behaviors have on others. ■ Over a third of managers believe it is what their organization wants them to do. ■ Most people think everyone else is doing it, but not them. The Micromanagement Survey Results/ Specific Behaviors The following responses are ranked in order of affirmative responses. ■ Have you experienced these micromanagement behaviors from managers?

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