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"Captain Capitalism - Reserved" is the second one "best of" variation of Aaron Clarey's weblog, "Captain Capitalism." Why spend the times important facing over 6,000 posts while the simplest ones are very easily compiled here for you? So seize a scotch, illuminate a cigar, and get comfortable as you benefit from the better of Captain Capitalism!

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You can kind of imagine this if you've ever seen Star Trek where they have the replicator. " But the problem is there is no "rich" or "poor" in a post-scarcity economy. The diamonds have no value because they can be replicated ad-infinitum, just like everything else. Again, NOTHING would have value, NOTHING would have a price. Matter of fact in a TRULY 100% post scarcity economy, you wouldn't even have money, because, what would you buy? Everything is free. Naturally, a 100% post-scarcity world is actually impossible.

And this says NOTHING about management arming them with the optimal, let alone, adequate combination of training, equipment and leadership. Of course my experiences are biased. I worked in the most corrupted, inefficient industry in the country - banking. " Making an attempt to back out my bias, I'd still estimate given the average quality of the average American today, you'll looking at a loss of at least half the efforts in the private sector. Now admittedly, these are all estimates. And I would also contend these percentages of lost efficiency would be lower if we went back in time which Americans were more responsible.

And the overall quality and caliber of the average US person, who now populates both the rank and officer classes of the private sector, has deteriorated considerably since the 1940's. All of which means we clock in, but there's no real, genuine economic production. If I had to estimate it, I'd say that right now the average private sector employee is really only productive for 25% of his or her time while on the job. And this says NOTHING about management arming them with the optimal, let alone, adequate combination of training, equipment and leadership.

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