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The Wishing Tide

From the acclaimed writer of The secrets and techniques She Carried comes a singular concerning the pull of the previous and the facility of affection. As offseason starts off at the Outer Banks, a typhoon makes landfall, and 3 not likely strangers are drawn together…Five years in the past, Lane Kramer moved to Starry element, North Carolina, yes the old fashioned island village was once where to begin anew.

A Promising Man (and About Time, Too)

From the fire-hot writer of soliciting for difficulty comes a moment irresistibly humorous and romantic novel, within which we meet the delightfully depraved Harriet and John, who're matched as completely as scones and clotted cream -- if simply Harriet might enable herself indulge. as much as her eyeballs in her pals' dramas, Harriet gray has no time for her personal, not to mention getting entangled with John Mackenzie.

The Body in the Lighthouse: A Faith Fairchild Mystery

Whatever used to be very flawed on Sanpere this summer season . . . to flee the distress of a sweltering August in Aleford, Massachusetts, caterer and minister's spouse religion Fairchild and her family members head for his or her cottage on Maine's peaceable Sanpere Island in Penobscot Bay. yet issues have replaced because their final stopover at.

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About eight months back I'd split up with Kit. Kit and I had been an item for ages, until he'd told me he was terribly sorry, he was still very fond of me, but to be honest, he thought we'd turned into a comfortable habit . D. in fibbing lately, Kit would barely have scraped a GCSE. He'd said it in the awkward, stumbling tones of a hopeless liar and I'd known at once what was behind it. Or rather, who . I'd met her, at a do thrown by a colleague of his a couple of weeks previously. She'd given me that poisoned-honey smile such women always give you when they fancy your man like mad and are hoping you'll conveniently get run over on the way home.

If you're a normally nosy person (like me), let me share some more eavesdroppings. From assorted friends of Belinda's I heard this: "He bought her that dress, you know. In Florence. She won't say, but it looks like Versace to me. " "Makes you sick, doesn't it? " " Mind you, I'm not sure I'd actually want a bloke like Paul. " From a couple of Mum's friends from the golf club I heard," mind you, I always think it's a shame when the younger sister gets married first. Sophy must be coming up to thirty and it's so hard for girls these days.

As usual they were crawling with slim, attractive, bubbly, solvent women who WLTM unmarried, un-broke, un-sad, un-ugly blokes for caring and sharing. You had to admire their optimism. " 'Daft cow, 30, needs passable bloke for one day only. " The little toad grinned. " "Brilliant. " Quite apart from the ponytail and general scruff, he frequently acted fifteen and a half, too. I could just see him trying to liven up a "proper" type do with a "guess the size of so-and-so's tits" competition. Currently occupying the cupboard that passed as a third bedroom in this flat, Ace had moved in for a temporary week a couple of months back, and had stayed because he preferred paying cupboard-size rent to the room-sized variety.

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