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By David Carroll

ISBN-10: 0952841002

ISBN-13: 9780952841005

The secret surrounding the legend of King Arthur has ultimately been solved and the query "did he relatively exist?" answered.

'Arturius - A Quest for Camelot', is the results of six years' examine, and the e-book explains and proves past moderate doubt the truth and id of King Arthur.

Using formerly neglected facts from the seventh and eighth centuries advert, writer D. F. Carroll believes he has succeeded in ultimately fixing the mystery.

Most importantly, the ebook is predicated on old proof. The identify Arthur in its sixth Century advert shape is Artur, and because the priests who recorded the earliest heritage wrote in Latin, they recorded the identify as Arturius.

Any files the place the identify Arthur is spelled with an 'h' are not likely to have originated from prior to the twelfth Century advert, and are hence unreliable as facts of sixth Century history.

A universal criticism by way of readers of books with reference to King Arthur, is that irrespective of how lengthy the ebook, or how full of info it can be, on the finish, the reader continues to be left asking the query, "but who used to be Arthur?"

The explanation for this is often that almost all writers just about King Arthur cram their books filled with details, derived ordinarily from legends, myths, and poems that are traditionally of no price, and be able to create the semblance of getting defined to you who Arthur particularly used to be, the place in reality you continue to have no idea the reply to the query, "but who was once Arthur?"

In this ebook, i've got used no legends or poems or myths, or the unreliable 'Annals of Wales'. as an alternative i've got used the extra trustworthy 'Annals of Ulster' and 'Annals of Tigernach', including Adomnan's 'Life of Columba'.

The e-book is predicated now not on legends, yet particularly the easiest to be had historic evidence.

Therefore, on the finish of this publication, you won't be left to ask yourself "who relatively was once Arthur?", simply because this e-book will offer a transparent and unequivocal solution to that query.

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We know that the earliest Welsh literature is not from Wales but in fact comes from the North. This literature describes Kings of the North and events which occurred in the North. We know these British Kings of the North united to fight the Saxon. We also know that at precisely this time and in that land, the North, there was a leader called Arturius who was in fact, beyond any doubt, an ally of these British Kings, who was in a position, while not actually a King, to lead the confederation of united British Kings of the North.

The proof however is not simply in the name, the proof is in fact, in an understanding of the role of Arthur, in the history of the time in which he lived, in the Kingdom in which he fought and died, of his contemporaries, of the role he was required to adopt in relation to his father the King. In fact in an understanding of the complete picture which can be composed by using the other reliable historical documents available. Adomnan’s “Life of Columba” is only the start, the proof of his existence, and from that starting point it is possible to go forward and to construct an outline, however brief, of the ‘Age of Arthur’.

Adomnan was a successor of St Columba at the monastery of Iona. His “Life of St. Columba” was an attempt to prove the sanctity of his predecessor. However, he also described people and events of the same period in history as the Saint, and it is here that we find the first mention of Arthur (Arturius). The only question is can the Arthur or Arturius as he is called in the Life of St Columba, be one and the same as Arthur of legend. I believe the answer is a definite yes and believe we have enough evidence to prove this.

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