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By Ann Leighton

ISBN-10: 087023532X

ISBN-13: 9780870235320

American Gardens of the 19th Century is the ultimate of 3 authoritative volumes of backyard background by means of Ann Leighton. This witty and specified ebook makes a speciality of nineteenth-century gardens and gardening. Leighton's fabric for the ebook was once drawn from letters, books, and different basic assets. during the publication are reproductions of latest illustrations and descriptive listings of local and new crops that have been cultivated throughout the 19th century. Leighton supplies a lot awareness to influential humans resembling plant explorers and architects of public parks. not just does she checklist the advance of gardening, yet she additionally indicates the historic development and alter in nineteenth-century America.

Companion volumes by means of Ann Leighton

Early American Gardens "For Meate or Medicine"
American Gardens within the Eighteenth Century "For Use or for Delight"

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The foxglove's real value in treating that disease was to be discovered much later. 2. Because books of reference may be hard to find, some readers may be grateful anew to Dr. Bigelow for his list of the sixty plants he considered worthy. They were listed by him in a special index, by their familiar names. Following him, they are not alphabetically arranged here, and the spelling and spacing are as in the original. Volume I. Thorn apple. Thorough wort. Poke. Dragon root. Gold thread. Bearberry.

And of course there were also foreign visitors, obliged to make contact with them all before they could say they had seen the country. There were established touch points for early botanical adventurers. Over and over again, they record arriving in New York, calling upon Dr. Hosack, proceeding to Philadelphia, and meeting the natural scientists there.

An interesting aside here illustrates the circulation of plant materials and information among members of a young society of varied practitioners in the budding natural sciences and also demonstrates the void to be filled. Dr. Withering was the person who sent seeds of the foxglove, as a remedy in the treatment of dropsy, to Dr. Hall Jackson, of Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Jackson, in turn, sent the seeds to several physicians of note, including the Reverend Ezra Stiles, president of Yale College.

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