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Internal. com. There are redundant domain controllers and global catalog servers at each location. DNS and DHCP servers are also found at each location. The HQ site has two OC-48 connections using HSRP. All sites have redundant T3's using HSRP to the HQ along with a T1 to every location. providing a fully meshed architecture. com uses an Exchange 2000 messaging platform. There are no planned upgrades to Exchange 2003 at this time. There are two Exchange organizations: Org 1 includes all North American and European servers and Org 2 includes all Asian servers.

Com likes to route all intra-company calls over their 3DES network links. The existing voice messaging platform was provided by several different vendors and there is no networking between them. com plans to change voice messaging platforms at all locations to Cisco Unity. The system will initially be voice mail only, but will switch to Unified Messaging during the next fiscal year. Which deployment model will work best among all the offices? A. com - The Power of Knowing 642-071 B. centralized call processing; distributed messaging C.

They are currently upgrading all of the sites into one Domino Domain with Lotus Domino as the standard for all e-mail servers. com will complete the upgrade in approximately ten months. They want a temporary voice mail solution with a clean migration path to Unified Messaging. How can you accomplish this? A. add new Unity and Exchange servers provisioned for the 8,000 users as part of the Domino domain, enable the IBM to MS directory conversion tools B. create a separate forest/domain with new Unity and Domino servers provisioned for the 8,000 users; use the user conversion wizard to add the new users.

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